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  • | Geeks need a makeover to attract girls (March 23, 2004) - a completely misleading headline. The article is actually discussing the difficulties involved with getting girls to study IT; it's not about geeks trying to get dates. I get a bit annoyed when the problem is described as an equity issue - nobody is preventing females getting into the industry or pushing them out; girls just don't want to study IT because they don't think it's cool. It's not about discrimination - the supposed victims are simply choosing other careers. If it was about discrimination, then it would be about discrimination against "geeks". Oh wait, no, males can't be victims; I forgot we're all evil oppressors. My mistake.
  • | Telstra's cheaper broadband delayed (March 23, 2004). Idiots. Plus, can I point out their new cheap broadband is a 200meg/month plan. That's 200 megabytes download limit, per month. Who the hell measures broadband in megs?? I do more than that with my 56k modem, for fuck's sake. To put it simply: it's a shit deal. This is the pathetic standard we're getting for broadband here... and they wonder why it hasn't taken off.
  • One vital nugget of information: product may not contain chicken - National - In 2002, the Australian Consumers Association tested 14 popular nugget brands. The study found chicken filling often made up less than half of each nugget. Fat per average serve was as high as 31 grams. And none contained real chicken chunks, but 'manufactured' or 'formed' chicken.
  • Parliament no picnic, Latham tells MPs. 23/03/2004. ABC News Online: Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham has defended his passionate speech during debate yesterday, telling Labor MPs that Parliament is not a teddy bears' picnic. The Howard Government says the incident proves Mr Latham does not have the temperament to be prime minister.
  • Trackers claim prints are mystery monster cat's - National - Trackers of the so-called 'Lithgow Lion' or 'Blue Mountains Panther' claim to have further evidence of the creature's existence - a set of large paw prints.


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