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  • | PM rejects sweeping intel probe (April 14, 2004): PRIME Minister John Howard has again rejected calls for a royal commission into Australia's spy agencies despite serious concerns raised by the army's top ranked intelligence analyst. 'I don't think you set up royal commissions willy-nilly,' he said. I just wanted to quote the PM saying willy-nilly, really. Actually no, that's not true... this is classic Howard - flat refusal to investigate anything he doesn't want to look into (presumably he might not look so good). / Intel failures cannot be ignored: Latham. 14/04/2004. ABC News Online
  • | Judge rules girl can become boy (April 14, 2004): The Family Court has delivered a unique judgment allowing a 13-year-old girl who wants to be a boy to begin a sex-change process and amend the child's birth certificate. I'm surprised at the ruling purely because of the age of the child... I guess they've gone through extensive psychiatric evaluation; if the condition is genuine then I guess it's in their best interests.
  • | Mark Latham goes bling-bling (April 14, 2004): 'Youth of Australia, Labor's policy is bling-bling,' said Mr Latham. 'Bling-bling for everyone.' ...and we'll retain our cultural identity, yo, in da house. We won't be dissin' da U-S of Aaaaiiieee, boyeeeee, like any good Aussie (awwssee). So it'll be business as usual for Australia.
  • Mortimer quit Dogs after snub by board - League -, a classic "wander vaguely between unrelated topics" article; a style becoming increasingly popular it seems. For example, this one includes: NRL officials yesterday re-interviewed the interchange official involved in Brisbane's use of an illegal replacement against Wests Tigers three weeks ago, leaving the club in danger of being stripped of two competition points. 'We'll make a decision in the next day or two,' said [NRL chief executive] Gallop. ...which has absolutely nothing to do with the Bulldogs and should be a separate story.
  • Movie industry fights Internet DVD piracy. 14/04/2004. ABC News Online: The movie industry is set to take court action against people who sell pirated DVDs on the Internet. What's not clear from this article is the scale of the operations they are going after... if we're talking about high-volume, organised piracy then this is a great move. If they're talking about going after individuals who've hocked a few DVDs then they're still attacking the wrong level in the piracy food chain.
  • The Courier-Mail: Unrest and Mel resurrect Church passion [12apr04]: A potent combination of bloody unrest in Iraq and the bloodthirsty Mel Gibson movie The Passion of the Christ was behind a huge jump in church attendances over the weekend, Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby said yesterday. I know I make all of my spiritual decisions based on overhyped Hollywood movies, don't you? Plus I can just see the long-term congregation members bitching about how all these newbies "aren't real fans".
  • BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Bond to return - as a schoolboy (in books, not movies).


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