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  • Europe rejects 'bin Laden' truce tape. 15/04/2004. ABC News Online: British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw dismissed the tape as an attempt to divide the international community that will not succeed. ... Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said discussing a peace deal with bin Laden was 'unthinkable'. ... Spain's incoming Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said the message, which justified the March 11 attacks in Madrid, should be ignored. ... European Commission President Romano Prodi said there was no way European nations would accept the truce offer.
  • Richard Alston could chair Telstra: PM - National - Former communications minister Richard Alston could be considered as a candidate for the job of Telstra's new chairman, Prime Minister John Howard said today. Oh, for FUCK's sake.
  • Govt stands by decision to abolish ATSIC. 16/04/2004. ABC News Online. Having two separate systems encourages a segregation mentality; alienating Aboriginal people from the rest of Australian society. Many Aboriginal leaders are being quoted right now as saying Aboriginal people have "lost their voice" - which to look at it another way shows a firm belief that they cannot succeed on their own in Australian politics. What message does this send to young Aboriginals? "We can't succeed if we are not treated as a special case"? It's a similar mode of thinking that has plagued feminism - backhanded affirmation of ability/worth, which ultimately work against the original goal. The question is whether Aboriginal communities can be adequately served by mainstream providers. Keep in mind here that many mainstream providers don't do a great job of serving everyone else (eg. Centrelink is a gigantic fuckup for everyone unlucky enough to need it); so it'll be easy to claim that they specifically fail Aboriginal people. I'm hoping this doesn't descend into finger-pointing and emotional arguments; instead of practical and realistic work towards outcomes for Aboriginal people.
  • Web inventor wins major new technology prize - World - The inventor of the worldwide web, Tim Berners-Lee of Britain, was awarded the first Millennium Technology Prize worth one million euro ($A1.63 million), the jury said.
  • Netsky-V: computer virus gets nastier - World - Most viruses rely on the user double-clicking on an attachment sent with an e-mail to infect the computer. But a new virus, called Netsky-V, is rare in that it starts to infect the computer after the user clicks on the subject line of the e-mail just once. ... Vincent Weafer, LA-based Senior Director of Security Response with IT group Symantec, said that the virus can be easily prevented by downloading the latest Microsoft security patch.
  • | Harry Potter the 'new Prozac' (April 16, 2004): A paper on the popular book character, Harry Potter: The New Prozac, says Harry Potter helps counsel young readers about depression and anxiety.


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