a brief(-ish) post now that i'm back in town... flew back in on the last flight last night.

sydney was fantastic. had a great time.

day one

flew down, eventually, despite the first plane being grounded and our flight being 1.5hrs late. collected from airport by wonderful host; set up in spare room and then coordinated dinner/gig with the ever-sexy Rocksluts. sadly i was unwell and unable to enjoy dinner at Betty's Soup Kitchen, but the company was wonderful :) then on to gig... Covenant rocked our socks, boots and pants off. the trip was worth every cent right there.

day two

morning was an attempt at recovery - we were exhausted before we even left so didn't try to fight a sleep in. spent a highly enjoyable afternoon doing nothing more than wandering around the harbour taking photos; i think it'd take me a very long time to take that place for granted.

day three

Taronga Zoo was great. i thought it was an odd idea when first suggested, but having been there i thoroughly recommend a visit. you'll need at least half a day though. I SAW MEERKATS! ..and bought out the gift shop's supply of meerkat soft toys (only two, but still). ferry across harbour. Museum of Contemporary Art was good, although we had to rush a bit and were a bit tired to properly soak it up. the MCA shop has a great range of odd stuff - picked up a set of "invisible cards" (you can see through them, but can't see the actual markings - basically just a nice bit of funky design). ferry back across harbour... i loved travelling by ferry. in fact all of sydney's public transport was good (we did ferry, train and bus while we were there). i now think brisbane's public transport sucks even harder, which i didn't think was possible.

day four

shopping expedition. we got through the Pitt Street Mall, then along Oxford Street almost to Paddington before our feet gave out and we ran out of time. as always happens when travelling, we were asked for directions to the place we were trying to find :) credit card a little sore but we both have new coats and groovy shirts. i have a leather coat; 25% off the marked price which was already 50% off... hooray for closing-for-renovation sales. staggered back in time for dinner, photos of everyone and drive to airport. basically walked straight onto plane and were in the air a few minutes later. a little bumpy and the inflight music didn't work properly for the second time...hrrmph... but heard one of my all-time favourite Bill Cosby comedy routines so all good. ransomed car out of long-term parking and headed home.


can't wait to do it all again, although it'll have to wait until we've made peace with our credit cards :)

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