a thing of beauty

Fellow rev-heads will know and love the Shelby (Mustang) GT 500 from Gone In 60 Seconds ("Eleanor", the last car he steals). Turns out they actually put one together for the hell of it... but it generated so much interest they figured plenty of people would want one; and a handful could even afford it :) Hence.... Carroll Shelby Brings Back A Mustang GT 500E. Yep, they actually have that exact car in "production". What that means is they get a good '67 fastback and rebuild it like Eleanor.

So, anyone got US$80,000 they can give me? :) Hell, a decent '67 fastback and some body kit would do - I'm not a purist, a replica/clone would suit me just fine.

Now, any Mustang purists out there, don't pop a valve. I fully appreciate that I've just seen a cool car in a movie and think it would be fun to drive one around. That must piss off serious Mustang enthusiasts. But you know, lighten up.


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