The club vortex lj floated through my lj friends list tonight; with some now-deleted posts. Seems some punters in Sydney have been bitching their little hearts out over the $45 cost for Covenant tickets; and the fact that the promoters have been promoting the gig a touch too stridently (actually that's probably true to some extent).

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a comment that $45 was "exhorbitant". What can I say but get a fucking grip you whingeing fools and cry me a fucking river while you're at it. $45 for a band like Covenant is nothing. Besides that, if anyone complains to me about the door charge I'll probably be arrested for trying ram my Virgin Blue ticket stub up their nose. The ticket will - literally - cost me less than airport parking.

Even worse is the naive attitude that it wouldn't matter if turnout for Covenant was low. Bullshit! If Covenant come out here and the gigs are dead; it'll be that much harder to get similar acts to come here. They do research these things, kiddies.

Bah. Some people don't appreciate what they have. At least now I know that goth punter attitudes on Sydney's scene can be just as fucking lame as Brisbane's scene. Sad really.


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