holy crap - blogger comes to the party

The Great Blogger Relaunch ... We have comments. Yay, woot, etc :) Plus Blogger has provided standards-compliant templates created by some of the best in the biz. Opera is no longer crippled to the lo-fi system, and the new interface - while it will take some getting used to - seems pretty nifty. Some of my pet hates have been addressed! :)

So anyway, I've added the ability to comment on new posts; and linked the Atom XML feed and livejournal syndication page (pity I can't turn off comments for the lj feed since I don't actually see them unless i read my own feed). speaking of lj, sorry for anyone whose friends list just got flooded by the feed freaking out. i suspect the permalink format has changed.

UPDATE: so far unable to get comments working, probably since republishing the blog is timing out. i suspect blogger is getting hammered like all hell.

UPDATED UPDATE: trawled further into the help resources and discovered the original code fragment delivered to my screen was incomplete. The automatic insert routine doesn't appear to work so well; but hey. Anyway, we seem to be up and running. Bear in mind that the current design(s) do not include styles for the comment system, so they might be ugly until I work something out.


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