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  • Pentagon denies secret interrogation deal. 17/05/2004. ABC News Online: United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is under renewed pressure to resign after reports he approved a secret operation that encouraged the abuse of Iraqi prisoners to gain better intelligence. Yeah sure. Rumsfeld will resign when you pry a signature from his cold dead fingers. / Iraqi torture victims to seek compensation - After Saddam - Iraqis tortured in US captivity in Iraq plan to file a class-action suit in US courts seeking compensation. Americans must be getting all choked up - the world is adopting US traditions. *sniff*... it's beautiful...
  • Moore tells of documentary 'pressures'. 17/05/2004. ABC News Online: US film-maker Michael Moore says he faced pressure 'from the beginning' to stop him making his controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.
  • Lamborghini becomes cops' anti-getaway car. 17/05/2004. ABC News Online: Italian police have taken possession of a sleek, 500 horsepower, two-seater Lamborghini Gallardo, which can hit a top speed of nearly 300 kilometres an hour. Watch recruitment applications for their highway patrol go completely nuts... :) I'm told they use Skyline GTR twin turbos for the same kind of thing in Japan. Also a damn nice incentive...
  • Hunt's fork stunt gives security something to chew on - National - Talking about jailing Hunt for this is stupid. You have a pissed-off traveller who was humiliated at the checkpoint; who then proceeded to the departure lounge and - with no planning whatsoever - obtained ten metal forks and boarded the plane with them. My questions is: if Rex Hunt did that on the spur of the moment, what can a terrorist accomplish given weeks of planning?
  • A cutting room floor in your own lounge room - National - A budget-priced DVD player that automatically edits bad language, sex and violence out of popular films could soon be on sale in Australia after proving a hit in the US. The film industry is making an arse of itself complaining about this - with this sort of machine, their movie can remain intact for the rest of us who can cope with some bad language. Let people who want censorship have censorship, so that the rest of us can watch the movies as they were created.
  • Cashed-up taxman launches blitz - National - The Tax Office has launched its biggest anti-avoidance blitz against taxpayers ... It will use data-matching technology with Centrelink and banks to lift its strike rate. There you have the problem: they are going after taxpayers, not the big fish who pay no tax in the first place. On top of that, they plan to use Centrelink's data to do it. Centrelink can't find its own arse with both hands, let alone get their records straight. Using their data is almost criminal.
  • Redfern riot blamed on heroin trade - National - The 'true cause' of the continuing conflict between Redfern police and residents of the Block was the lucrative heroin trade - and not racism, a police sergeant has said in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry.


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