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  • | Deadly weapons cache seized (May 19, 2004): A frightening, multi-bladed knife destined for Melbourne's streets was among a cache of weapons seized by Customs yesterday. Well, frightening is a word. So's impractical. I can't imagine any crim seriously taking to the streets with this tucked down their pants.
  • Probe hears fire, police rivalry hampered 9/11 rescue. 19/05/2004. ABC News Online: Rivalry between New York's police and fire departments and conflicting advice from emergency teams on September 11, 2001, hampered efforts to save lives as the Twin Towers collapsed in a smouldering heap, the commission investigating the attacks says. Here's me thinking that jurisdiction pissing matches were just a figment of Hollywood's imagination.
  • Precious cello saved from CD cabinet fate. 19/05/2004. ABC News Online: A Los Angeles nurse has found a stolen Stradivarius cello worth $5 million next to a rubbish bin and planned to turn it into a CD cabinet until she discovered it was the instrument the whole town was searching for, according to her lawyer. You would hope they'd honour the offered reward. Would have been one hell of a CD case though.
  • Australia to see the light on tourism - National - New tourism campaign. Woo. Although I was interested to see a clip from the famous Paul Hogan ad... apparently it's misquoted as "throw a shrimp on the barbie" when actually he says "slip another shrimp on the barbie". Funny how these things happen. Misquote it again, Sam.
  • Fidel Castro can live to 140, doctor says - World - Fidel Castro's doctor denied rumours that the president's health was ailing, saying today the 77-year-old leader is in excellent health and claiming he can live at least 140 years. Apparently cigars have preservative qualities ;)
  • Secret Lib poll reveals why PM is worried - National - Simple reason that didn't need a poll: the budget only sounds good to someone who is going to have a baby later this year. The Breeder Budget marginalises pretty much everyone else; particularly those who earn less than $52k and are curious to know whose arse that "average" figure was pulled out of. That, and people don't like a government that openly tries to buy votes. Oh, and Howard proving himself to be an arrogant, lying fuck might have some influence as well; but I'm only guessing there.


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