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  • Broadband bait does the trick - News - Yep, lots of people have signed up for shit broadband - $30/month with a 200meg limit? I do more than 200megs with my 56k dialup access. If you actually do anything more than email, you're either going to pay a great deal of money in data charges, or you'll be "shaped" back down to modem speeds for about 90% of the time. Plus, they still don't want to know you if you live in a unit.
  • | Tycoons get wealthier (May 20, 2004): The richest 200 people in the country increased their combined wealth by $8.3 billion to $71.5 billion in the past year according to the BRW Rich 200 List. I wonder if any of them actually pay tax? Packer boasts about avoiding it...
  • The Australian: 200 missiles found on roadside [May 18, 2004]: More than 200 anti-aircraft missiles have been found alongside a major highway in Russia's Far East, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported Sunday quoting military officials.
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Rivals challenge iPod's dominance : Apple's iPod may be the flavour of the month, but there are better and cheaper choices, says a computing magazine. What? Apple's product overpriced and overhyped? Not actually the best product? SAY IT AIN'T SO!


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