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  • | Man walks free in Euthanasia case (May 26, 2004) / Son freed after helping mother suicide - National - A son who helped his elderly mother kill herself today walked free from a Tasmanian court, a decision hailed for its compassion by euthanasia advocates.
  • PM handover to Costello worries voters - National - The poll reveals that 47 per cent of voters believe the Prime Minister will retire during the next term and that 41 per cent would be less likely to vote for the Coalition at the election late this year if they thought that Mr Costello, as is widely expected, would be his successor.
  • Microsoft behind $12 million payment to Opera | CNET Microsoft agreed to pay Norway's Opera Software $12.75 million to head off a threatened lawsuit over code that made some Web pages on MSN look bad in certain versions of Opera's Web browser, CNET has learned. The article goes on to discuss the way Micro$oft has abandoned development of IE now that they've bludgeoned the world into submission. Browsers like Opera and Safari are the real leaders of the pack these days; particularly with things that should be standard like inbuilt pop-up blocking. Note that IE6 does not have "good" web standards support; it's more like "not as horriffic as the old versions". Switch to Opera, kids :)
  • FOX SPORTS | League | Gould baits Maroons (May 26, 2004). I guess he felt left out; being the only one who hadn't made a complete arse of himself yet. Who knows, sometime after the ref whistles time on; someone somewhere might focus on some fucking football.
  • | Older compact discs not aging well (May 26, 2004): The industry is desperate to play down the significance of the problem, fearing record companies will be inundated with demands for refunds or replacements. Don't forget the industry has also fought long and hard to keep it illegal to make any form of backup of these discs. They might have given you something faulty, but they won't take any responsibility on themselves. You don't mind buying all those CDs again, do you?
  • Director confident young actors can complete Potter series. 26/05/2004. ABC News Online: Despite speculation that the young stars of the Harry Potter films will outgrow their roles, the director of the latest instalment believes they can see the popular series through to the end. The characters grow up too; so this makes some sense. A bigger concern would be whether Rowling can actually produce the books in time.


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