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  • Turn your PC into a Mac - Features - Engadget - Here's an interesting thought: skin up a PC like this, then do a kind of Macintosh Turing Test (eg. set up generic inputs and not let the user see the hardware). Bet you anything the majority of Mac users couldn't tell the fucking difference. So why do I find that interesting? Well it'd certainly throw a nice counterpoint to the claim that Macs are intrinsically better; and more than just "prettier" than PCs :)
  • A Simple Plan - Virus-proof your PC in 20 minutes, for free. By Paul Boutin [Windows PC, that is]. Oh I just love misleading headlines like that one; but then it makes sense when you realise that MSN is part of the hosting URL. These three steps are NOT going to virus-proof your machine; the author even realises it. Worse still, it claims to do it for free when the article recommends two different software purchases. It hides three steps inside one step; so it should be: make your computer virus-resistant in an hour or two for a little bit of money. Alternatively Boutin could have recommended some free solutions like ZoneAlarm firewall and AVG antivirus. Then it would have been free. The moral of the story: never mistake Microsoft/MSN for a news source.


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