the gmail plot thickens

Check the update below...

I just got my first piece of spam into my Gmail account. Now this is interesting, since I have not put that address into any form of publically-accessible resource. I haven't used it for any forms, or posted on a public board or anything at all like that.

Why is it so interesting? It's a message advertising MSN. Yep, Microsoft's shit-arse messenger system.

Why is it really interesting? The only systems I've sent email to other than Gmail are my own workplace, a third-party ISP, and ...wait for it... Hotmail. I've sent invites and a test email to Hotmail (which is an MSN service, for those who don't realise it).

So, send email to Hotmail from Gmail... get MSN spam!

The email came from another Gmail account which I don't recognise and I've just confirmed isn't one of the people I've invited. I do use MSN (yech, blah) since some of my friends won't go over to ICQ. But that has no connection with my Gmail account - I had to sign up with Hotmail (yech, blah) to get MSN (yech, blah) working.

I have reported it as spam. On a lighter note, Gmail's spam-handling method is really quick and easy!

Update 2004.07.05

Retraction... turns out this was an innocent mistake, someone trying to get a hold of a mate with a very similar nick. My mistake!

Guess I'm just a little bit too ready to think the worst of MSN. No wait, I still think the worst of MSN. This just wasn't it.... :)


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