Netcraft: Akamai Attack Highlights Threat From Bot Networks

Reading Netcraft while my remote access struggles to load another email.... it's like wading through treacle, honestly (well, not that i've ever waded through treacle, but you get the picture).

Netcraft: Akamai Attack Highlights Threat From Bot Networks: Akamai today offered more details on a distributed denial of service attack by a large network of 'zombie' machines that bogged down its DNS system for several hours. ... Comcast and other cable modem networks are problematic because their customers are typically home users with fast connections, modest security skills and static IP addresses. [S]ubscribers are often unaware their machine has been compromised.

Gives more details on the attack which caused the Microsoft/Google/Yahoo outage the other day; and also discusses how these attacks are made possible (at least in part) by trojans etc. I know people who fit the profile exactly - user with broadband who has trouble protecting their machine. It can feel like a full-time job sometimes; when you're updating your antivirus software, windows update and a couple of adware killers a couple of times a week just to keep up..!


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