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  • Labor to fast-track Garrett's membership. 11/06/2004. ABC News Online, includes more discussion on the whole electoral role issue. Good to see the Liberals harping on that; scoring the cheapest possible political points. Garrett's passion and commitment cannot be questioned over a mistake like this - shit, if he wasn't on the roll, why the hell was he given ballot forms? The AEC could take a little responsibility here. Oh wait, bureaucracy never accepts responsibility, what am I thinking.
  • | Latham 'indifferent to US alliance' (June 11, 2004): PRIME Minister John Howard today accused Opposition Leader Mark Latham of an indifference to the alliance with the US which would cause problems for Australia if he became prime minister. Latham really did sum Howard up when he called him an "arse-licker".
  • | Smoking 'keeps the poor happy' (June 11, 2004): BRITISH Health Secretary John Reid sparked outrage yesterday when he claimed that smoking was the 'only enjoyment' for the nation's poor and they should be allowed to continue without interference from the middle class.
  • Mice chewing competition outrages RSPCA. 11/06/2004. ABC News Online. That is disgusting.
  • | Rico's bordering on human (June 11, 2004): German researchers have found a border collie named Rico who understands more than 200 words and can learn new ones as quickly as many children. Border collies are the best dogs :)
  • FOX SPORTS | League | Origin decimates Penrith (June 11, 2004): The Panthers have confirmed their status as a heavyweight team in the most unwanted way as they have been severely disrupted by State of Origin commitments and injuries, in particular to their backline. It is the same problem the Brisbane Broncos have always had to endure. Good to see some other team sharing the Origin experience there ;) I wonder if the NRL will take notice now that it's a NSW clubs having trouble. After all, they haven't given a toss for the last few years when it was just those nasty Broncos with injury problems.
  • Audi RSQ Concept - This is the first time that Audi has developed a car specifically for a major Hollywood motion picture [I, ROBOT] ... With this project Audi opens up a new chapter in product placement. Previously, the brand with the four rings has always supplied volume-production cars to movie productions.


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