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  • | Maccas bid to win hearts (June 15, 2004): 'Doctors told [Spurlock] to stop after three weeks. I would have told him to stop after one day,' [McDonald's Australia CEO Guy Russo] said. ... But he dismissed notions that McDonald's should be treated as a 'special treat', describing it is 'a legitimate meal'. Doublethink in action! It's a good meal, but you shouldn't eat it all the time... He set out to overeat, by eating our 'legitimate meals'... McShit! It's not a surprise that the guy got sick; it's just that he has publically called out McDonalds on their claims that they sell 'good food'.
  • Govt releases new energy strategy. 15/06/2004. ABC News Online: The centrepiece is a $500 million fund to encourage the private sector to put $1 billion into research for new technology. Funny how this turns up within days of Labour signing up Peter Garrett.
  • US to hand Saddam over 'within fortnight'. 15/06/2004. ABC News Online: Iraq's interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, says the United States will hand former president Saddam Hussein over to his new Government for trial within two weeks. It's going to be interesting to see how they deal with Hussein.
  • German hate mail spam attack stuns experts | The Register. To be honest, the only shocking/stunning thing about this is how long it has taken for a hate group to make serious use of spam/virus attacks.
  • Self-cleaning clothes - Science - Scientists may have found an answer to the prayers of every lazy person - clothes that clean themselves. ... The clothes simply need to be exposed to sunlight for the cleaning process to begin.


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