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  • | Australia signs up to Star Wars (July 8, 2004). I can't help thinking that in the Star Wars world Australia would be the Ewoks. On a more serious note .... WHAT THE FUCK??
  • | Top dealers facing speedo checks (July 8, 2004): All Holden new-car dealerships in Brisbane will be investigated for odometer fraud amid claims a second franchise has been caught illegally winding them back. I really don't understand why you would wind back an odometer when the car has done less than 100km. I would imagine it's more likely that you'd admit that when the reality is hundreds of kms - it seems very fishy. On another note: ridiculous headline, considering "speedos" aren't involved.
  • | Obscene Gus mars the moment (July 8, 2004): I don't deserve the s--- youse f------ give me, not one word of it. ...oh yes you do, Gussie boy. On the topic of the game itself... some very poor refereeing yet again. The NRL is reaping what it sowed by giving every single big game to Bill Harrigan for years on end - nobody else has the experience required


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