blogger to users: fuck you and your little styles too

You may notice this blog looks different today. Namely there's a new "feature" at the top and the styles are all fucked up. I've had to remove the style switch option for now, while I figure out how to un-fuck the designs.

This is Blogger's latest bright idea. OK, so it beats the adblock, but they've overridden the BODY style settings. Which means I have to completely rewrite my CSS, without any bloody warning. Blogger's position on this: The Navbar may cause display problems on blogs with customized Templates; unfortunately we do not provide support for these issues.

I wouldn't be particularly upset about this if a) the new bar didn't break my design, and b) the new bar's own design wasn't badly broken as well, and c) I'd had a bit of bloody warning. Hell, I know this is a free service; but they must have realised this would be a Bad Thing for anyone more advanced than users who stick to the default template.

The solution? Well if I switch over to my own server, I can disable the Blogger bar. Since that's not likely to happen this week I've jury-rigged the CSS to avoid having the title bar cut off. I've left the Blogger link, but the rest will require a bit more work.

*sigh* This week is really sucking. Yea verily, in fact is does both suck AND blow.


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