has microsoft finally noticed that people are pissed off with IE6?

Slashdot | MSIE 7 May Beat Longhorn Out The Gate: reports that a major upgrade for Microsoft Internet Explorer may be imminent. Apparently in response to the recent mass migration away from MSIE, top Microsoft developers have been soliciting for improvements in the old browser at a web log ... speculates that improvements could possibly include support for tabbed browsing, better security, more PNG and CSS compliance, and RSS integration (which Firefox and Opera Mail already support).

Interesting, although calling it IE7.0 is a bit of a stretch since it could just be IE6.1 or 6.5 if they followed the IE5.0-5.5 version model. In any case Microsoft hasn't promised a damn thing, they're just making all the right noises to try to keep users with IE.

Anyone who really cares should upgrade (and I don't mean switch, i mean upgrade) to something else like Opera or Firefox. Until Microsoft actually delivers a secure, standards-compliant browser; they don't deserve the user base they have. You have to understand that everything discussed in the article is already implemented in competing browsers. Microsoft is playing catch-up, they are not being responsive or innovative.


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