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  • | Howard hints at trade compromise (August 6, 2004): A political compromise is expected early next week on Australia's trade pact with the US after the Howard Government offered a strong hint it will do a deal with Labor to guarantee cheaper generic medicines can be brought to market. Here's the key difference, not to mention the reason we need to vote Howard out... Latham is trying to get a good result for Australia, Howard is trying to score political points for himself. Howard no longer even pretends to have Australia's best interests at heart.
  • Home invasion - LiveWire - : Unwanted search engines, incessant pop-up ads, websites that hijack the browser and programs that promise salvation but bring their own parasites instead - it seems the sneaky are getting sneakier. Solution one: don't use Internet Explorer. Try Opera or Firefox instead. Then install and regularly run both Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Then track down the people who write malware and hire some people to beat seven shades of shit out of them. That last one is, sadly, the hardest...
  • The latest 'Bushism' - World - No one in Bush's audience of military brass or Pentagon chiefs reacted. ...that's the worst thing about it. Nobody even reacts to this sort of stuff anymore.
  • Hail to the musical thieves - Opinion -, a faux-funny attempt to mock the illegality of iPods and other MP3 players. I do not share this guy's optimism that nobody will ever be fined or jailed over copyright breaches. Although his observations are on the mark regarding the way record companies should be reacting: don't cry foul when you've made it hard to do anything legal.
  • Govt free to indefinitely detain failed asylum seekers. 06/08/2004. ABC News Online: The Federal Government has won its High Court challenge to keep failed asylum seekers in detention, even when they cannot be deported. Which is basically just a legal detail to an existing policy.


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