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  • One in five children stalked on net - National - Nearly one child in every five using the internet has been approached online by a stranger ... Other internet worries identified in the survey include computer viruses, credit card fraud and intrusions into personal privacy, but none came close to the child safety concerns. 'Approached' and 'stalked' are two different things - 'approached by a stranger' could mean 'had someone they don't know reply to a post on a forum'. Perhaps the full survey has a better definition, but this article doesn't actually elaborate. Maybe the facts would detract from that sensational headline.
  • Automated phone services press the wrong buttons - National - An annual survey ... found widespread unhappiness with directory information services. Almost a third of callers (27 per cent) were dissatisfied - and the biggest reason was interactive voice response systems that did not work. Well, duh. This has been known for a while. But the kicker comes later: A Telstra spokesman said the telco's voice-recognition directory assistance system only recognised 2500 names. 'Some people interpret it not recognising names as not working,' he said. If it doesn't recognise the name, it didn't bloody work. Few things are as fucking annoying as being charged to hear 'the number for (totally unrelated thing) is (number)*click*'. So you've been charged and hung up on; but you don't have the info you need. How the fuck is that different to 'doesn't work'?
  • Bear hits the beer and conks out - Unusual Tales - Workers at a US resort were stunned to find a black bear passed out drunk on their lawn after he guzzled 36 beers in a night of drunken revelry, they said today. Bundy bear's cousin, maybe? :)
  • Relocation sells - but who's buying? - League - Sydney's NRL clubs ran for cover last night following NRL chief executive David Gallop's revelation that several had expressed interest in relocating. Interesting that Adelaide has been mentioned as well as the Gold Coast. I can't help thinking it would benefit the league to include Adelaide and possibly Perth (even with the long travel times... the AFL manages it).


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