confessions and diaries collection

I've already blogged some of these, but a conversation at morning coffee prompted me to collate them into one post.

  • Enter the Cow-orker, one man's personal diary in hell. How an office job can be turned into torture by having to work with an utter moron. The author's ability to turn a phrase lends biting wit to a situation which would make me scream.
  • Acts of Gord. Gord ran a game shop, sales and rental. The sheer idiocy - and his retaliation - make for incredible reading.
  • Driver Down, included particularly for Mark Driver's tales of life as a bartender in a seriously shitty, dangerous dive. Think of it this way: no matter how dodgy you think the punters are, some poor sod has to serve them drinks and swill the place out after closing.
  • Making Light: Tae, the paramedic from Hell. These are quite flippant and graphic, but most of us wouldn't last one day as a paramedic so we don't get to judge.
  • Improv Message Boards - True Porn Clerk Stories. You'd think working in a video rental store would be totally banal and uneventful; but as this diary shows, that probably depends on exactly what is stocked.

Most of these are net nutshells. You've probably seen most of them before. But they serve as a reminder that the net is an endless canvas which allows anyone to publish what's on their mind. The fact that millions do it has obscured the fact that thousands are actually good at it and a smaller number are truly incredible.


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