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  • Anderson reaffirms Telstra sale plans. 07/09/2004. ABC News Online: Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson has reaffirmed the Coalition's plans to sell the rest of Telstra. So, anyone out there thinking of voting for the Coalition, ask yourself this question: has your line rental gone up lately? Has your phone service improved? Does your broadband package have an archaic 200meg download limit? Has the partial privatisation of Telstra already made things worse than ever before?
  • Who's calling? - TV & Radio - Forget leafleting the neighbourhood, writing to newspapers or baking scones for party fund-raisers. Today's political campaigner is more likely to be at home on the phone next to the radio, trying to get through to one of Sydney's talkback programs. It's amusing that they can be spotted because they are so much more articulate than the average caller. Well, I say amusing... sad is another word...
  • Minister to launch work on giant wind farm. 08/09/2004. ABC News Online: South Australian Energy Minister Pat Conlon will today launch construction of Australia's largest wind farm, at Wattle Point on the state's Yorke Peninsula. Hurrah for cleaner energy.
  • | Atari to reissue scores of old games: [Atari] plans to reissue scores of its classic titles from yesteryear on a single disc that can be played on the game consoles Xbox and PlayStation 2. Sweet! Now I just need all my old control deck era Nintendo games and I'll be set...
  • Radar:The real CSI: Professional crime-solvers tell the whole truth about what they do at work - and what they think of their TV counterparts.


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