don't vote for Howard

belegdel: Please don't vote for Howard. Linked since I really couldn't say it any better.

Obviously it is purely my own opinion that Howard has to go, but it's also my blog so I'll say it anyway. So this is my way of saying please, don't vote for Howard/Liberals. Doing so condones their vile behaviour in their last term in office.

Don't buy into the scare campaigns, don't tolerate the lies, don't tolerate the steady erosion of democratic principles and governmental responsibility. If nothing else Australia needs a different government to restore some balance to the direction we - as a nation - are taking.

For those of us younger than about 50, we should take note that Howard doesn't speak to anyone other than tame media outlets with older audiences. While I don't give a toss if he goes on Rove Live, the point we should take note of is that Howard does not represent any segment of the population if he feels it won't win votes - which is not acceptable for a PM. Howard knows his appeal lies with the "grey vote" so fuck everyone else... because Howard isn't here to run the country the best way it can be run - he is here to try to get back in power at the next election. He is 100% political, no longer even pretending to have the nation's interests at heart. He may trot the line out, but he does it inconsistently and only where there is some political point to score.

So vote for someone else.

Update: detailed article against Liberal and for Labour - aussielj: Election 2004 article.


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