new form of security risk

Tabbed Browsing Flaws Detected: Tabbed browsing, one of the more popular features built into alternative Web browsers, contains a security flaw that puts users at risk of spoofing attacks, research firm Secunia warned on Wednesday.

OK... two points. First off, I have no idea if Secunia know shit about shit (which is not to say they don't). Second, this is an interesting observation about tabbed browsing... but there is a way to minimise the problem. When you're doing internet banking or an online purchase, do it in a single window with no other tabs open. While that may not be entirely convenient, it's better than the alternative. Actually three points: multiple windows of IE can behave in the same way - IE tends to jump to the front in odd ways. So it's not confined to tabbed browsing - this is a vulnerability related to having multiple pages open at once.

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