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  • | Cabinet 'anti-Greenpeace fund' (October 4, 2004): The Federal Government allegedly offered a $36.4 million subsidy to an oil company if it promised to take environmental group Greenpeace to court. Unbelievable. Well, actually totally believable of this disgusting fucking government.
  • | PeopleSoft sacks chief (October 4, 2004): The dogfight between Oracle and PeopleSoft has taken a new turn, with PeopleSoft dumping chief executive Craig Conway and US regulators dropping their antitrust case. Looks like Oracle will eventually own PeopleSoft, most likely dissolving the company to remove the competition.
  • | PM committed to Telstra sale (October 4, 2004): THE federal government remained committed to selling off the remainder of Telstra subject to it meeting its service obligations to rural Australia, Prime Minister John Howard said.
  • Greens surge as Coalition holds its lead - Election 2004 - The Coalition continues to poll strongly. It's funny how Australians prefer to put up with the arrogant, lying weasel they know; rather than trying an alternative. Remember this: Howard never does anything good until it is either politically beneficial or totally unavoidable. Don't be fooled by the Coalition trotting out all sorts of wonderful ideas - they have had eight years to implement them yet they havne't done so. They do not have our best interests at heart. Probably none of the parties do, really, but at least we can vote Howard out.


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