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  • | PM gets green light for reforms (October 11, 2004): John Howard has full control of the Senate within his grasp after an emphatic election victory that will allow the Coalition to embark on an ambitious reform agenda, including the $30 billion sale of Telstra and further industrial relations changes. This is unbelievably depressing. The senate looks like it is going to be controlled by raving right-wing Bible-bashers. I hate the way our system can end up like this - some group or independent representing a tiny proportion of the population can hold the balance of power.
  • | Labor message garbled (October 11, 2004). Should be appended with: "and voters don't think for themselves". The Labor party pisses me off when it does these post-loss blame allocation frenzies. They lost what was always going to be at least a close election. They should be concentrating on forming a strong opposition, but instead they're fuelling their own bad press. For example, Labor has fed the media with the devastating "train wreck" description: 'Blame Latham for this train wreck' - Election 2004 - The Liberals must be laughing - they don't even have to do any work to finish burying Labor, the opposition is doing a fine job.
  • | Investors pump up Telstra (October 11, 2004): SHARES in Telstra Corp jumped higher today after John Howard's historic election victory boosted the chances that the Government would sell its remaining $30 billion stake in the telco.
  • | Democrat death knell (October 11, 2004): The party that once held the balance of the power in the Senate now faces a major struggle to have an influence in national politics. *froth* stupid...damn...democrats...*gark*...had a good leader...*rage*... imploded.... fuckers!!!
  • | Bin Laden hunt in too-hard basket (October 11, 2004): COALITION commanders in Afghanistan have begun playing down the importance of Osama bin Laden, in sharp contrast to their earlier confident predictions that he would be killed or captured by the end of this year. "Hell, we don't need him anymore. We've got everyone scared of 'terror' in general. You're all nice and compliant voters now. Bush for another term! Yeehaw!" they said.

Fuck it, I think I'll just read the entertainment and sports news for three years.


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