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  • | Smoking ban in pubs, clubs (October 13, 2004). Fantastic, except for the excessively long phase-in period. Can't stand all the crap that gets trotted out about job losses and pubs closing. People go to the pub to drink (and maybe even socialise). Besides anything else, smokers who whinge about this can stick their lit ciggies up their arse - you can stop forcing your choice on other people. YOU can go outside and smoke, the guy behind the bar cannot go outside to avoid your smoke. Similarly, my athsmatic gf will be able to go out without literally risking death. So shut the fuck up, smokers.
  • Crean to give up shadow treasury role. 13/10/2004. ABC News Online: Mr Crean says the party should not be bickering in public and he is urging his colleagues to shut up. Look what that did to the Democrats, for instance...
  • US throws free trade deal launch into doubt. 12/10/2004. ABC News Online: The US ambassador to Australia has cast doubt on whether the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will take effect in January as planned. ... Ambassador Schieffer says the US is concerned about the move to penalise pharmaceutical companies for frivolous patent applications. Read that back a few times.
  • | Alston takes BSA chair (October 13, 2004): FORMER IT and Communications Minister Richard Alston is set to become chairman of telecommunications equipment company Broadcast Services Australia (BSA). The fuckwit luddite lands a well-paid job. There ain't no justice.
  • Phone jamming to appease French filmgoers. 13/10/2004. ABC News Online: The French Government has responded to a long-standing request by the film industry for support and announced it will approve the installation of signal blockers in cinemas, concert halls and theatres. Because, hey, you can't interrupt a French film for a few seconds without completely losing the plot ;) That said, mobiles in movies are a major piss-off. Gigs I don't care about - they're generally too loud to hear the phones anyway.
  • | Entertainment | Paris won't go naked (October 13, 2004): Paris Hilton says she ... wants to be taken seriously as an actress ... and rules out taking part in nude scenes. Now THAT is comedy.


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