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  • | Australians are richer than ever (October 14, 2004): AUSTRALIANS are richer than ever before, but our savings accounts are increasingly empty, new figures have shown. Fucking stupid headline. If you read this properly, you can figure out that what has happened is a small number of rich people have become much richer, the rest of the country is living beyond its means and is totally mired in debt.
  • The Nat who could spoil Telstra sale - National - If Mr Joyce wins the crucial Senate spot for the Queensland Nationals, as seems increasingly likely, he says he will not be supporting the sale of the Government's majority share of Telstra until he can be convinced rural telephone services are up to scratch. The article talks about how Joyce's parents have been fobbed off by Telstra over problems with their phone, but all of a sudden after the election they're falling over themselves to fix things. Pathetic.
  • Virgin challenges Apple's iPod - Business - Apparently the player will have 5 gigs capacity, include a radio tuner, work with all music formats and cost about AUD$340. Not bad, actually.
  • Prince stirs it up with suicide bomber video - People - The lyrics of the song tell of the trauma of a girl of bi-racial descent battling prejudice following the September 11, 2001 attacks that sparked an initial wave of attacks against Arab Americans. Oooh, you're not allowed to say such things in America. That'd be like saying the Columbine school masacre was linked with jocks beating the shit out of geeks.
  • Slashdot | Brain Controlled Computing a Reality: [A] quadriplegic with wires run from 100 tiny sensors implanted in his brain and out to a computer can use his thoughts to control a computer well enough to operate a TV, open e-mail and play Pong with 70% accuracy.
  • Firemen sacked for using fire engines to meet women - World - Nineteen firefighters in Sacramento, California have been disciplined for using city fire engines to meet women.
  • | New popemobile a Ferrari (October 14, 2004): FERRARI president Luca Montezemolo said today the Italian Formula One team would build a special car for Pope John Paul II to mark his 26 years as pontiff. Well, obviously.


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