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  • Every exit [dive into mark], which should have been titled "dive out of mark". I wonder how long he'll last. I'm not sure how I'd go if I went cold turkey on posting stuff the the net.
  • Summer has officially arrived in Brisvegas. Motherfucker. HOT. On Saturday I thought the external temperature readout in my car was playing up, then realised that it REALLY WAS 37.5deg outside.
  • I hate software which refuses to perform long, involved loading routines in the background. Bloody Citrix keeps leaping in front of the windows I am trying to use, since it'll take a good 2-3 minutes to load up. Adobe Acrobat is another repeat offender.
  • photographers: nblaney - everyday objects can look amazing.
  • I choose to browse with plugins switched off (yay Opera!). It's amazing how many sites are 100% reliant on Flash - they don't even display a message saying 'you need flash' or whatever. This is pretty basic stuff. I guess it's the Flash equivalent of not explicitly setting a web page's white background.
  • photographers: mactoplac (dead hog). OK, here's a pic which took some serious guts to post. The guy was supposed to kill a pig, but couldn't do it. His uncle did it (quickly). When the guy returned, he took a photo. This is life in the most direct sense, I guess. Not excessively graphic, but if you're sensitive to this sort of thing give it a miss.


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