• | Bush claims four more years (November 4, 2004). Fuck you, America. I cannot believe you voted the Shrub back in. Well ok, I can. Gah. But it's still unbelievable.
  • Australian leaders congratulate Bush. 04/11/2004. ABC News Online. Well Howard is no surprise, but Latham? For fuck's sake. Just sign us up as the 51st state and be done with it.
  • Fuck. I had nightmares about both Howard and Dubya getting back in.
  • Obviously not everyone voted for Dubya, so to those who voted against - ok I don't hate you. Just your Fellow Americans. What were you thinking?? oh hang on... thinking... I was assuming you were thinking...

Update/PS. Yes, I know, democracy - just like free speech - is a bitch when the situation or result isn't what you wanted. But we have to go with it, since it's marginally better than the alternative (non-democratic dictatorship and thoughtcrime). At least the US elections saw - from what I have heard - a substantially increased level of participation, which is a good thing IMO.

I'm still amazed (almost impressed) that the opposition found someone so bereft of charisma that he couldn't knock off a chimp in a one-on-one (refer: Democrats search for a new Clinton. 04/11/2004. ABC News Online). Seriously. Not only did he not beat Dubya, he didn't even come close. What the fuck gives?


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