ok. status report.

  • I finally feel confident enough to post this: L's mum has come through the surgery and is recovering incredibly fast and well. We can all breathe again. It's been one hell of a month since the rollercoaster started.
  • We got the new rental place we wanted. Air-con is ours. Summer shall not kill us like last year and the year before and.... Well, so long as the power doesn't go off, ha ha, ahh crap. Poor sods in Energex are in for a bad summer, I guess.
  • I will miss our current neighbours (in our own complex that is). They've just moved out too, so they're giving us a huge stack of moving boxes. Anyone who has ever paid for moving boxes will understand what a boon that is. Admittedly they didn't pay either - the army paid their moving costs - but it's still an indication of the type of people they are.
  • I won't miss any of our neighbours in the next unit block. Fuck the lot of them. If I win lotto I'm still coming back, buying the place out and bulldozing the lot.
  • My Colorado boots have finally bitten the dust - the sole came off one of them this morning just as I got to work. Very comfortable but don't have the staying power of Doc Martens, it seems.
  • Found some photos of the last of our family dogs (both gone now) when they were puppies. A pair of Border Collie pups - cute beyond belief! I miss them.
  • Looks like it's about to rain like all hell where I am right now.


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