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  • CSS Pencils v3.1. This is a demo, not a concept to be used in production - ever. That said, very cool.
  • Lithuania Discovers Belarussian Liquor Pipeline - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM: Lithuanian border guards have unearthed a three-kilometer pipeline for smuggling in moonshine liquor from neighboring Belarus, Reuters reported on Friday.
  • Violence in Animal Rights: [T]hose engaged in lawful protests are finding increasing police aggression, banning orders and arbitrary arrests part and parcel of the day. Consequently lawful protest is seen as increasingly ineffectual and indeed dangerous by many protestors. Interesting post; although I remain unconvinced about the real motivations of many "activists" (not just in animal rights).
  • Robbers scared off by Playstation game get jail time: The burglars apparently heard audio from the video game Grand Theft Auto and thought police had them surrounded. Funny :)
  • Retro Refrigerators by Big Chill Fridge. Cool. Err.. I mean, funky.
  • Your contributions to the clean airwaves of the nation :: Reagan's Destructions. BandAid Dilemma - a site for those who support the cause, but can't stand the song. Solution: buy the CD, destroy it in a creative manner. Post the results.
  • - Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts: Studies showing that magnetic stimulation of the brain induces spiritual experiences are being queried by researchers who cannot reproduce key results. There has been a fair bit of lazy research in this area, so it's good to see people questioning the results.
  • Britain for Americans - Food & Drink: Mix with the locals. These 'toffs' often put on a coarse accent after a glass or two of beer; do not be intimidated, they are resting their throats after talking 'posh' all day. They will be glad to play Eton college word-games: 'Get Up, That's My Seat', 'You look a puff-to-me!' and 'Is-she-for sale?' Call out one of these games to any large chap, and have fun.
  • [Happy] - I Like To Watch has apparently been arsed, now; the domain contains content again :) - I woke up freezing cold and very drunk in a chair I didn't recognise, in a backyard I didn't recognise, and surrounded by a skyline I didn't recognise. "Oh crap!" my first thoughts were. These thoughts were duly followed by "Where am I?", "How did I get here?" and - the most terrifying threat of all - "Where the fuck is my camera?"

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