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  • Road Rage Cards. An old concept with a new buzzword. What grabs me most about these is the double versions - some have just the message, then another with an insult added.
  • iPod My Photo. The person who gave me this link commented "this is what's wrong with Mac heads" :) People willing to actually pay US$20 to get a photo made into the outline style of the current iPod advertisements. On the one hand I can see this is sort of cool (and congrats to the guy making money off the idea). On the other hand, US$20 is a lot of money to turn your life into an iPod ad.
  • The Graphing Calculator Story. Speaking of Apple, this is the story of a guy and his buddy that worked at length for Apple without being paid. They just wanted to finish the product. The work culture described is shithouse, so you can see why subverting it was more effective. This also shows how easy it is to use social engineering in a large firm - nobody really gives a shit. Look bored, you'll get anywhere you want to go.
  • Boing Boing: India freaks out over amateur teen sex phonecam video. Where it gets *really* bad: the video was put up for sale on India's eBay. The CEO of India's eBay has been arrested even though the sale item was pulled upon identification.
  • Joel on Software - Camels and Rubber Duckies. A very interesting read, concerning software pricing. Sounds a bit dry, but seriously - this is worth reading whether you need to price something or not.
  • Bush won't "negotiate with himself". GAAAAAAAH this fucker has access to nuclear weapons, for fuck's sake...
  • Boing Boing: Kevin Scanlon's heavy industry photography. Wow.
  • Marquesate's Historical Pirate Flags. Arrrrr.


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