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  • Out with the new, in with the old - National - Kim Beazley has emerged as the odds-on favourite to become the next leader of the Labor Party, following the resignation, due to ill health, of Mark Latham. Beazley's health is suspect, but that doesn't bother the labor party or the press. Beazley has lost twice as many elections as Latham, that doesn't seem to bother the Labor party or the press. Frankly, it's a pity Latham's retirement statement wasn't "Fuck you all, I'm not putting up with your shit any longer."
  • Labor split over new leader. 19/01/2005. ABC News Online: While former Labor leader Kim Beazley is the only candidate so far to announce a tilt at the post of Opposition Leader since the resignation of Mark Latham, the party appears split over who would best lead it. Labor continues to show its complete lack of introspection - they pushed Latham out on the grounds of needing stability, but had no real idea who they would replace him with. Talk about Amateur Hour - there are student unions with more solidarity. If Labor really wants to revitalise its image they should go with a young, female leader - hey, it nearly worked for the Democrats.
  • | Firefox gains ground (January 19, 2005): Research group webSideStory said usage of Firefox, created by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, has almost doubled in the past three months to 4.95 per cent of all internet users.
  • | Google releases photo software (January 19, 2005). Hmm. Sounds a lot like Gmail dressed as a photo repository.
  • Spotlight on ... bloggers - Technology - Web logs, or blogs, are being described as one of the biggest threats facing mainstream news organisations. If you read critically you'll notice the article goes on to discredit and trivialise blogs.
  • All beefs aside, meat rant spared the chop - National - A red-meat rant that calls vegetarians soap-avoiding, pot-smoking hippies, and suggests eating anything other than lamb on Australia Day deserves capital punishment, will be allowed to stay on television. Vegetarians: please understand, this is satire; and it's intended to sell meat to people who eat it. We meat eaters love you really (even if we don't love tofu). Save your wrath for restaurants with no vege options. Appreciate the fact that meat eaters don't attack vege restaurants for their lack of a 'meat option', the hypocritical sods.


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