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  • The Australian: Battle over, Beazley will push reform [January 27, 2005]. Actually if you read the article there's nothing to say what Beazley himself plans to do. Gillard has made some strong statements about what he should do; Beazley himself has done nothing but apply a thin civil veneer to brushing her off. Poor journalism, or has Beazley said nothing for himself so far? Who would know.
  • The Australian: MPs' new push to ditch Queen [January 27, 2005]. I doubt they'll get far. The royal family now has a young, handsome future king and they keep sending their kids over here to ride horses and get stoned. Oddly enough that's probably enough to keep the average Aussie keen on the monarchy. Besides that, they'd have to actually show some evidence that becoming a republic would have any real benefits in peoples' daily lives. The pure concept may appeal to the intelligentsia, but you'd have to work a bit harder to convince anyone else.
  • | Media | VW to sue Polo bomb ad duo. Apparently VW thinks it's getting a raw deal from thousands of people watching an ad for the VW Polo. It was definitely shot with professional gear/methods, but I have no idea what it would actually cost. If the 40k figure is true, I'd be surprised if the makers truly did it just for a showreel. Unless of course they felt it would bring in enough money to cover the outlay. Again, I don't know - the massive turnover involved in advertising could actually make 40k a reasonable 'on spec' outlay. But equally it wouldn't surprise me if VW had actually funded it then decided not to run it.
  • - Family - Children Charged With Felonies Over Violent Drawings: Two boys, ages 9 and 10, were charged with felonies and taken away from school in handcuffs, accused of making violent drawings of stick figures.


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