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  • Web content management 2005 predications | January 10, 2005; by Gerry McGovern . Realistically I would see these predictions as 3-5 year forecasts, not realistic expectations for 2005. The vast majority of the web is still run by people who have no real idea what they are doing with their sites.
  • A lot is being said about going standards-compliant. I'd probably be more excited if I'd heard of them before :) Still, it adds the list of (apparently) high profile sites seeing the light. Probably the most interesting aspect is this: What?s interesting about this re-design ... is how they came to appreciate the methodology. ... [Turner] were actively looking for contractors with experience developing web standards based websites. Now that is unusual.
  • Digital Web Magazine - The Behavior Layer: Now that Web developers have a solid grip on the XHTML structural and CSS presentation layers, it?s time to consider the JavaScript behavior layer and especially its accessibility. Discusses Javascript as another layer to be abstracted/separated from the content layer, also emphasising the idea that script should be used to increase a page's usability (as opposed to adding useless crap). Further articles: Separating Behavior and Presentation & Separating behavior and structure


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