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  • Govt accused of breaking family election promises. 15/02/2005. ABC News Online: The Northern Territory's Labor senator says Australian families have been cheated by the Howard Government's pre-election promises on family benefits. Wow. There's a surprising development. Johnny didn't mean it, really? Say it ain't so.
  • Australia urged to press US on torture claims. 15/02/2005. ABC News Online: Amnesty International says the Federal Government is obligated to question the United States further on allegations Australian detainees have been tortured.
  • Doing time for cyber crime - Icon - Not a bad writeup actually - discusses the sorts of crimes landing hackers/crackers in jail and also touches on the hysterical things people are willing to believe: During one of his prison sentences, [Kevin Mitnick] was thrown in solitary confinement for eight months because the prosecutor convinced the court he could start a nuclear war by whistling into a telephone. The article also gets into the vastly different sentences which are being handed down - some too hard, some too soft, some totally wrong. Imagine spending 16 months in prison for trying to get a security flaw fixed in your own company...!
  • Telstra takes another look at Lifeline - National - I guess even Telstra realises when they'll look like utter arseholes. What really shits me is the tiny amount they're talking about - $1m is petty cash to Telstra - and the way they keep talking about 'paying' for free calls. Telstra is the fucking phone provider. The only way they 'pay' for calls is by maintaining the fucking network, which is their job in the first place. So the dollar value of supplying 'free calls' is questionable at best.
  • More on this... Australian IT - Telstra ponderous over Lifeline (Correspondents in Canberra, FEBRUARY 15, 2005): Telstra, which last week posted a $2.3 billion profit, told Lifeline three years ago that it would pull its $1 million in annual funding on June the 30th this year. This one quote sums up the two big issues. Telstra acts like it somehow can't afford $1m after posting a $2.3 billion profit; but yes, Lifeline was told three years ago. There are many other corporations that could have coughed up $1m.


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