random observations while on holiday

  • heaping shit on nin fans and/or Trent Reznor is, like, sooooo 1999.
  • you can still heap shit on manson/nu-metal kiddies though, since they still wear full-length leather coats at midday in a brisbane summer. twats. stinky, sweaty twats.
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery claims to have IPTC support, but enabling that option appears to do nothing. the FAQ gives out an 'untested hack' which also appears to do nothing. it's this kind of shit that holds open source back.
  • similarly, Thunderbird's online support doesn't work - links from the client go to broken links in a Wiki. when you do find support material, it is often inaccurate.
  • cinnamon is good. cinnamon tictacs are good. cinnamon mentos are good. penguin reds are good. big red gum is good (when you can find it). the shop in the city with ten different cinnamon gums and mints is goooood :) having to pay $3.50 for a pack of tictacs, not so good. why the hell don't they stock cinnamon tictacs in normal shops?? they stock those weird-arse orange ones that nobody buys, why not the cinnamons? australia must stop fearing the cinnamon.
  • why has apple nobbled the iPod Shuffle by dropping the price of the mini?? $50 more for 3 more gigs and full interface... you'd have to be keen to get a shuffle at these prices. unless you're really specifically buying it for jogging.
  • lots of new music. damn you jb hifi, i am powerless to resist your 'buy me now, i'm cheap!' stickers. but good! new music. well actually quite a bit of back catalogue too. you see, if i like it i will go buy it when i can; even if i have a burned copy.


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