Velvet Revolver...

  • Start late? Check, although someone should tell them Axl Rose isn't in this band.
  • Row of rock god poses, guitars slung so low they're nearly on the floor? Check.
  • Singer flanked by two guitars, major posing on feedback wedge? Check.
  • Guitar played behind the head? Check.
  • Dual-neck guitar? Check.
  • Huge banner behind band, "Rock'N'Fuckin'Roll"? Check.
  • At appropriate moment, banner drops to reveal band's name up in lights? Check.
  • Singer wanders off in the middle of a song for no reason, band covers for him? Check.
  • Slash came out for the encore in The Hat? Check.
  • Slash is a bitch for not then playing cheesy Gunners smash hit? Check. Bitch.

The rock and roll classics have been observed :)


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