you know you've been on the scene a long time when... flick throught he latest issue of fiend magazine and find:

  • an article on a band your own two-gig-wonder group once shared a gig with (dead inside the chrysalis). it wasn't hard to tell they'd go further than us, considering our band more or less self-destructed after that ;)
  • a feature on a band that swaps remixes with the band you run a website for (real life). talks about the gig that kicked off their tour... i posted photos of that gig at the time.
  • a pic of a band you met after a gig a few weeks back (angelspit). scary thing is they look just as good in real life as the do in photos. *nobody* should be allowed to do that.
  • a guy you buy cds from reviewing an artist you were about to ask him to order in (jarod/gup and klinik). i guess he won't think i'm odd for being interested in their old stuff :)

none of it is big stuff, but at the same time it's different to the usual magazine experience (people you've never met and bands you'll probably never hear). it's not remote or theoretical. i guess it goes with the territory after something like nine years on the scene. odd but nice, i guess :)


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