By the way.... For anyone who doesn't have a Blogger account, you are no longer required to sign up just to post a comment. You can now enter a name and URL much the same as any other blog app. Hurrah!

Also, for the sake of repetition: comments on the LiveJournal feed of this blog are only ever read via sheer dumb luck. I do not get notifications due to limitations in the way lj handles feeds (essentially nobody can 'own' a feed, which does make a kind of sense). So if you reply to something more than a day or two old (basically once it drops off the first page or two of my friends list), there's basically zero chance that I'll see it. If you want to comment on a post, ideally follow the link through to blogger and post there. I realise you may not have the time or inclination to do so, but I'm just telling it like it is :) I submitted a feature suggestion to LiveJournal a long time ago, but realistically they're never going to implement it.


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