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  • Detainees who find Christ may be allowed to stay - National - Thirty of Australia's longest-term immigration detainees are having their cases reviewed and could be freed because they have converted to Christianity since arriving. ... It follows strong lobbying efforts by several Government backbenchers, churches and the powerful Family First party. This is stunning on just so many levels.
  • Annan rewrites the UN rule book - World - The United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, is today expected to propose establishing new rules for the use of military force ... A 63-page draft report represents Mr Annan's most ambitious effort to restore international confidence in the organisation.
  • Bye bye, Hoppa - League - He's got to be gone this time. If the league doesn't ban him, his club will probably sack him. Ehh, who knows - maybe some UK team will take him on despite his problems.
  • Google sued over copyright 'infringement' - Technology - Agence France-Presse has sued Google Inc for copyright infringement, alleging that the internet search engine included AFP headlines, news summaries and photographs published without permission. No details but this would have to relate to Google News and probably the image search as well. It will be interesting to see how the courts handle this - Google doesn't publish anything itself, but it does collate and present information with its own branding.
  • | Beattie chastises parents (21-03-2005): QUEENSLAND Premier Peter Beattie has told parents at an Ipswich community meeting to give their kids 'some bloody discipline', in response to criticism over juvenile crime rates. Priceless! :)


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