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  • The Australian: US can't go it alone: Annan [March 23, 2005]: A DAY after releasing his blueprint for comprehensive UN reform, Kofi Annan has appealed for US backing, saying no country, however powerful, can face the future alone. Realistically the US only needs the UN to create a thin veneer of legitimacy for its military actions. Even that need is lessening now that the US (or the Bush administration at any rate) seems quite happy to act as world bully and simply brazen out the backlash. Annan is just trying to keep the UN ship afloat and not end up like the UN's predecessor, the League of Nations (which arguably failed because the US never joined).
  • Gunman drove police car to school. 23/03/2005. ABC News Online: Reports described Weise as a loner who wore a dark trench coat to school every day and who had used the names 'Todesengel' - German for 'Angel of Death' - and 'NativeNazi' when signing on to extreme right-wing Internet sites. The media is already working on a 'trenchcoat' aspect to this. What the kid used to wear was not the problem. The problem was that he was an extremist racist with access to guns (at least based on the reports coming through at the moment).
  • Australian IT - Hackers loose worms on Apple (Chris Jenkins, MARCH 22, 2005): Symantec, says it discovered 37 high-severity vulnerabilities in the Mac OS during 2004. They also found vulnerabilities in Mozilla based browsers, although there's a grey area surrounding how to compare their severity with bugs in IE (IE bugs are often much nastier since they're intertwined with the operating system).
  • The Australian: It's all over for Hopoate, says Manly [March 23, 2005]: The Manly winger was suspended for 17 games by the judiciary ... but the Sea Eagles board had already decided by that stage he was too much of a liability and had terminated his one-year contract. From the reactions described in this article it sounds like Hopoate knew he'd screwed up one too many times to save his career.
  • Roaming alarm clock keeps snoozers on their toes. 23/03/2005. ABC News Online: The clock ... is equipped with a set of wheels and after the snooze button is pressed, it rolls off the bedside table to another part of the room.


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