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  • Trafficker would kill Corby: witness - World - Schapelle Corby's would-be saviour says they would both be killed if he named one of the traffickers he blames for the marijuana stash that has left her at risk of the death penalty for drug smuggling in Bali. He certainly looked like he believed what he was saying. I didn't really think this could get any nastier, but apparently I was wrong. I can't help thinking if Corby isn't acquitted it would destroy already-shaky relations between Australia and Indonesia, if not amongst politicians then definitely amongst the Australian public. Unless Corby is a) an extraordinary actress, and b) the world's most inept drug mule... I just cannot believe she is guilty. No drug smuggler in their right mind would hide drugs in such a pathetic manner nor risk their life for such a small amount of drugs (in dealer terms).
  • US to free 38 Guantanamo detainees. 30/03/2005. ABC News Online: The Pentagon has decided that 38 detainees held at its prison camp in Guantanamo Bay are not 'enemy combatants' and will set them free without charge. After how many years?? Leaving how many?? Why isn't the UN stepping in here? It's a nation openly flouting the Geneva Convention - if it was another nation, America would be leading the (military) charge to intervene. Assume there's oil involved of course.
  • Memo shows US general approved interrogations. 30/03/2005. ABC News Online: The former top US military chief in Iraq authorised the use of dogs and other illegal techniques during interrogations, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
  • The Australian: Hunt goes on for escaped killer [March 30, 2005]. The question of course is how this guy was ever allowed to transfer into a minimum security facility. State governments always insist that escapes won't happen, dangerous crims are always kept in high security, etc etc. It's all bullshit.
  • Exposed: drugs price scandal - Health - Generic medicines are costing Australian taxpayers up to 19 times what New Zealand taxpayers pay for the same drugs ... The Federal Government has [released] a three-country price comparison for nine generic drugs, which reveals that Australia pays significantly more that New Zealand and Britain in most cases and could be missing out on $100 million in savings for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Remember those smarmy TV ads about the PBS, where we were basically told it's our fault for daring to use PBS medication? Apparently the real problem is out of our hands. Imagine that.
  • It's snakes and ladder as Locky tops Joey - League - Time for a reality check - and we might as well start at the top: Andrew Johns will never again be regarded as the world's best player. Darren Lockyer was already just about level-pegging with Johns before the Newcastle halfback was hurt, and Lockyer has only improved since then. GASP! This is published in the SYDNEY Morning Herald... never thought I'd see the day they had anything nice to say about Lockyer or anything less than glowing to say about Johns.
  • Clubbers to get into the silent groove - Music - For those seeking tranquillity at Glastonbury Festival, a dance tent packed with clubbers is not an obvious sanctuary. But this will be the silent disco - 3000 festivalgoers are to be issued with headphones this year so they can turn up the volume without waking the neighbours. Damn cool idea, particularly if they will have volume control (some people like it louder/softer than others you know). We tossed a similar idea around for clubs... everyone gets a set of headphones and tunes in to a broadcast. One event could have multiple DJs and people could pick the tunes that get them going. Ambient music could be put through the PA at low volume so people can take off the 'phones and chill out or - gasp - be able to talk to other people without screaming.


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