photo: hailstorm

an extraordinary drive home, coronation drive had 'snow' drifts between all the lanes the whole way along; getting deeper the closer you got to toowong.

hail in the carpark
i stopped off to pick up indian takeaway and discovered the carpark surrounded by piles of ice and leaves.

median strip covered in ice
the median strip up high street was white with ice, although it doesn't show so well in the pic.

mist rising above the traffic
along moggill road, we drove into a thick pocket of mist. the pic is not blown out, that's what it looked like.

when i turned into my street, it was over a foot deep in ice drifts next to a cleared path up the street. i would have stopped to take a photo, but... the road was over a foot deep in ice drifts!

angus got some much better photos where he was...



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