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  • Today's anti-piracy joke: Australian IT - 'Speed bump' for CD pirates (Adam Pasick, JUNE 17, 2005): SONY BMG, the world's second-largest music company, is rolling out CDs with new technology that serves as a 'speed bump' to hinder people who want to make illicit copies. ... The copy-protection technology is also far from ironclad. Apple Macintosh users currently face no restrictions at all. What's more, if users go to a web site to complain about the lack of iPod compatibility, Sony BMG will send them an email with a 'back door' measure on how to work around the copy protection.
  • Google Wallet ( Tomorrow, THE WORLD!
  • Copyright-Worried Photo Labs Spurn Jobs - Yahoo! News: When Morgan's mother and a client recently took CDs with some of his shots to a printing lab, the photo technicians spurned them. They said that since the shots seemed to have been taken by a professional, printing the pictures might be a copyright violation.
  • Boing Boing: Rotting Soviet buildings: has galleries of explorations of rotting Soviet-era buildings, from educational institutes to radio telescopes to cement plants in the Moscow countryside. Just in case I don't already blog enough dead Russian machinery photo links...
  • etherfarm: Synapse / Mental Block. You just have to read this one.
  • Intro to the Photoshop Curves command @ For anyone puzzled about what they do.


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