did! didn't! did! didn't! did did DID!

Australian account of Wood's rescue 'wrong'. 17/06/2005. ABC News Online:

Nick Warner, the head of Australia's rescue team in Baghdad, insists specific intelligence led soldiers to the house where Mr Wood was found.

The Foreign Minister Alexander Downer also says the rescue was the result of a crucial intelligence tip-off.

But the Iraqi army says Mr Wood was found in a weapons search operation and the American military agrees, saying it was a routine raid.

A spokesman for Iraq's defence ministry, Saleh Salehan, says he has spoken to the commanding officer of the brigade which was involved in the rescue, and that the official Australian version of events is wrong.

I have a mental image of Downer jumping up and down yelling "We so knew he was there! We did so too!!! Come ooooon, just say we're clever!"


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