embassy attack

Embassy staff return home after biological scare. 01/06/2005. ABC News Online: Staff at the Indonesian embassy in Canberra have been released from the building after being isolated following a biological scare. Forty-six staff members had to be decontaminated after an envelope sent to the embassy was found to contain a biological agent.

People, starting with the Australian PM, are losing their shit about how this will damage relationships between Australia and Indonesia. Because apparently Australia has had nothing to do with Indonesia since the Australian embassy in Jakarta was bombed last year (Indonesia - Jakarta Bomb Blast September 9, 2004). Certainly not a single Australian has gone to Bali since the 2002 nightclub bombing (2002: Dozens killed in Bali nightclub explosion). Right?

After these bomb attacks Australians didn't help at all during the tsunami disaster, hell they certainly didn't donate more than any other country.

Right? No, of course not, that's all crap.

Terrorism is carried out by people who want to cause chaos and the maximum amount of damage per action. If you wanted to harm Australia's relations with Indonesia, you couldn't pick a better time to attack the embassy - whether you give a flying shit about some drugs case or not.

People need to keep their head together. Today's biological attack, last year's embassy bomb, the 2002 nightclub bomb... all of them were despicable acts and it's not like today's attack has no other context than the Corby case. I hope people can keep that in perspective.

It's a long way between bitching about a court case result and some member of the Australian public suddenly procuring a biological weapon and using it against the Indonesian embassy (I see the bullet casings thing as a stupid stunt rather than a serious threat). It's more plausible that some person or group with a broader agenda was waiting with the biological weapon in hand, looking for the ideal time to use that weapon.


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