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  • Telegraph | News | 'Possessed' nun crucified after row with priest: A Romanian Orthodox priest who faces a murder charge after ordering the crucifixion of a young nun because she was 'possessed by the devil' was unrepentant as he conducted a funeral mass for his alleged victim. ... ...... what the FUCK century are we living in?
  • Japan to more than double 'research' whale hunts - Environment - Specials: Japan said today it would more than double its catch of minke whales and extend its hunt to whales considered endangered, defying international pressure to give up its 'research' whaling. I get the feeling the only thing that will stop the whalers is if people get out there and start harpooning them right back. For research, of course.
  • Insurers 'hiding profits' - Business - Business - Major insurance companies are hiding the extent of their profits to escape public criticism, a NSW parliamentary committee has been told. ... But insurance companies said they were merely trying to ensure they had adequate reserves to pay out claims.
  • Close or clean up Guantanamo: Clinton - World - Former US president Bill Clinton says it is time for the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to be 'closed down or cleaned up'. Seems mostly concerned about the image of the US and the treatment that US soldiers will have brought upon them. Doesn't seem worried about the gross abuse of human rights.
  • Schumacher wins six car US GP - Breaking News - Sport - Breaking News: Seven of the 10 teams pulled out after the warm-up lap. They had pleaded in vain for an extra chicane to slow down the cars because of concern over the durability of Michelin's tyres. Bizarre situation. I am yet to see an article which can explain what was actually wrong with the tyres, or why the tyres are fine for other circuits but not the US circuit.


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